Winter Hat Love

January 21, 2016

ND Contributor’s were asked (ok, begged) to share their favorite winter hat.

Up first is LB, who didn’t have a hat when initially asked to participate, so she went ahead and purchased one at Portland Trading Co., $18.

Seriously, how cute is my sister?  This is a Nordstrom Rack find, but you can find a similar look online here, $14.40.

 The Tipsy Tourist, showing her New England Pride in Hotlanta.  Go Pats, $11.99.

I found this gem at Pretty Poppy in Downtown Newburyport, $15. Apologies for the melancholy look—selfies make me nervous.

Katelyn + a fig tree. Be forewarned, people will try to squeeze this pom-pom. So fluffy. Three Hip Chicks, $68.

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