Newbury Thanksgiving

November 27, 2015


   Thanksgiving sunrise over the Parker River

The wildlings woke me before 6 am. From the comforts of an air mattress on my Mother in Law’s floor,  I could see the sun emerge over Plum Island.  I snuck outside with my camera, barefoot and still in my pajamas, to get a few snaps.

The day was unseasonably warm, so we headed to our favorite local outdoor spot: Maudslay State Park in Newburyport.  Maudslay is roughly 450 acres, which means you always leave feeling like there is more to see.  We explored the west side of the park near the former site of the Moseley Estate.  The Park has an abundance of white pine trees and an impressive amount of rhododendrons that line the Merrimack River.


The Italian Gardens in Maudslay state park midday


What remains of a horse stable


Sun in the Vegetable Garden

After thoroughly working up an appetite outdoors, we returned to Newbury and toasted to first Thanksgivings.


Granny, joining us from London, with a little bubbly


Adult coloring was in order for the afternoon.  Some of my favorites can be purchased here and here.


Table set

And now the photos come to end, because it GOT REAL in the dining room. My daughter said she was thankful for a sink, I forgot to say I was thankful for my husband, and my son threw sweet potatoes at my face. Granny said we should have starved the kids earlier in the day so that they would have been better behaved at dinner.  I agreed while taking gulps off my wine and sneaking my daughter bread with giant gobs of butter. Mercifully, the turkey was delicious and purchased less than a mile up the road at Tender Crop Farm.

Moral of the story: Children are kind of like werewolves.  When the sun goes down, all bets are off.  Best to feed them carbs and let them crush television if you want to live to see morning.


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