My Favorite Local Instagram Feeds

March 30, 2016

In case you haven’t heard, Instagram is changing the way you see photos. An algorithm will decide what you see first, based on your likes and interactions with certain users. When this blog started out a few months back, I used Instagram to share photos of my kids with family and friends.  But after creating an account for the blog, I realized how much I had been missing.  From keeping up with your favorite shops and restaurants, to exploring different parts of the world, Instagram can transport you.  My favorite feeds are local, and inspire me to explore places in my backyard that I never knew existed. I would like to take this opportunity to plug my favorite local Instagram accounts, and encourage you to follow them!  And if you aren’t on Instagram, pause, create and account immediately, and prepare to lose hours of your life.

  1. Parkhere – Libby DeLana has a wonderful series on her feed, #morningwalk, which captures the essence of our little seaport in the early morning hours.

Parkhere instagram photo


2. Rockport_by_the_sea – Rockport is one of those places that is so close, yet so far away. There is no easy way to get to Rockport from Newburyport (unless you are on a boat), so I love following the Instagram feed and admiring the town from the comforts of my own home.




3. Marieadele_s – Marie Adele Schultz takes lovely photos, plain and simple. She has a little bit of here, there, and everywhere in her feed, but mostly it is the North Shore. Her photographs have turned into my day trip bucket list, and for that I am thankful.




4. Alliemaykiphuth – Allison is a Seacoast area dioramist. Her work is beautiful and her instagram feed has a nice balance of her art and different outdoor adventures. It is easy to forget she is wandering the Maine woods and not stepping out of some hidden door to Narnia.




5. Whiteloftstudio – Local photographer Heidi Murphy has swoon worthy photos of lots of beautiful things, but her images of food are by far my favorite.

White Loft Studio



6. Newenglandliving – Alyson takes fantastic photos of antique homes around New England. With over 20,000 followers it is obvious I’m not the only one who thinks so. Recently, some of her most popular images were from her Christmas visit to Newburyport.

New England Living


7. Seacoastlately– A wonderful collection of images, mostly from Portsmouth. Local shops and restaurants are highlighted, along with photos of beautiful coastal sunsets.

Seacoast Lately


8. Heron Pond Farm – I feel like I’m a healthier person by simply looking at the beautiful fruits and veggies that end up on this feed. It also serves as a reminder of all the hard work that goes into getting a carrot to my dinner plate.

Heron Pond


9. The Bridge Cape Ann – This is a collection of photos from various instagram users of Gloucester, Rockport, Essex and Manchester-by-the-Sea. Following this feed is like a scenic drive through Cape Ann.

The bridge cape ann


10. Proudnewenglander – I was so very excited when the proudnewenglander posted photos of Newburyport! Mostly North Shore, but plenty of photos from around New England and Boston to admire.

Proud NewEnglander
Do you have an instagram account that I need to follow?  Let me know, and of course, don’t forget to follow the newburyportdaytripper on Instagram for lots of photos of our beautiful little city.




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