Meghan Kinsey: How to Motivate

February 29, 2016

Today’s Q & A is with Meghan Kinsey, owner and lead instructor at Motivate barre & cardio, in downtown Newburyport. With our month of love and kindness coming to an end, I’m very happy to finish with Meghan.  Her positive energy and dedication to her craft inspires most people who walk into her studio (me included).  I encourage you to check out a class if you are ever in the area.

ND: Who are you and what do you do?

I am Meghan, barre & cardio enthusiast who has a deep love of coffee, wine, bacon…and my husband, three sons, and boxer named Josh.

Photo by Bridget Hunt

ND: What is Barre?

Barre is sort of the perfect workout. Why?? Because it is for everyone, the young, old, pro, beginner, workout psycho and endorphin-handicapped alike. I can make sure each person gets out of it exactly what they need. I can make you feel energized and happy when you leave, or feel like you want to curse me, and make a voodoo doll of me, in which to stick pins for the following few days. Barre is safe and takes into account the way the body is supposed to move, with proper alignment and core engagement. Barre makes you feel spectacular in your body.

ND: What can someone expect when they walk in to your studio?

To be motivated. To be happy. To feel comfortable. To be challenged. To be modified and corrected in order to be safe. To want to come back and do it again and again.

Photo By Bridget Hunt
Photo By Bridget Hunt

ND: Why is it important to work out?

Your body was meant to move. If you don’t move it, it’ll stop working the way you want it to work, in mind and body.

ND: How would you motivate me if I told you I didn’t have time to workout?

Start small. Pick one day a week and go. Even better, grab a friend and go. Hold each other accountable. No matter what, look at your calendar and carve out time-even if it means you set the alarm early. Exercise begets exercise. You just have to start.

ND: Or what if I said I couldn’t afford?

Look at your check book/credit card statements, what can you carve out to make room for a workout budget? If you need the motivation in a studio environment, then go without that lunch out a few times a week and prioritize. If you have $0 to spend, then go for a power walk, put yourself in plank, and do some push-ups. No matter what, get moving.

ND: What if I thought I wasn’t coordinated enough for barre?

The moves are small and precise. No coordination necessary…just a sense of humor. You MUST have a sense of humor.

ND: On our blog, we love to support all things local, so could you tell me your favorite place to:

Get a drink: That is a hard one, I am very social. So you are going to get a few – Ceia, The Poynt, Brine, and Port Tavern.

Grab a coffee: Atomic, I live there.

Explore outdoors: Camping in the White Mountains

Go to the beach: Salisbury State Reservation

Have breakfast: 17 State Street

Drivable day trip (and what you would do when you get there): Boston, lived there for a few years and miss it. I eat and drink my way across the city.

Any local business, person, goods you think our readers should know about?

The list  is long—but one of the things that struck me when I chose to open a business was the long list of women Newburyport business owners who came before me. Right before I opened, I Facebooked a big thank you to them and tagged them all in. I don’t think I really realized just how long the list was of these daring, confident women who were making a real success for themselves. Opening a business is scary as s&%t. It feels good to know that you are not alone in that feeling and that it should not deter you from putting one foot in front of the other.

Photo by Bridget Hunt
Photo by Bridget Hunt

ND: Our last, and favorite question, what are you grateful for?

Faith, Family, and Friends. I know that is a cross stitch that hangs in many grandmother’s homes, but I really mean it. My faith grounds me, my family sustains me, and my friends…well, they make it a helluva lotta fun!



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