Lynn Steeves: Flora

March 21, 2016

Whenever I am looking for a gift, I head to Ivy Lane and pick up one of Lynn Steeves beautiful succulent designs.  Lynn lives locally on Plum Island, and was kind enough to take a moment and chat with us about her work.

ND: Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Lynn Steeves and I am the creator and owner of Flora a succulent design company.


ND: How did you come to create beautiful living art?

I am a self taught, curious designer. After creating a few vertical gardens for myself, requests started to come in from family and friends. So much so, I decided to open my Etsy shop. It was very well received and everything just grew from there.


ND: You live on Plum Island, which is such a special place for me, how do you think where you live impacts your work?

It is a special place, and I just love it. There is art everywhere you look. It brings so much inspiration and joy to me and my family, with every change of season, tide and sunset.

ND: I think creating something with your hands is a very satisfying and necessary part of life. How would you suggest someone start playing around with succulents if they had an interest?

I do as well; it gives a sense of purpose. The more you create , the more creative you become. It is a great path to walk. Succulents are kind of the perfect plant. Resilient, patient & tough. You really can’t go wrong. Start by picking a variety of plants that are aesthetically pleasing to you, grab any container you like from a pot, to driftwood to an antique tin and just be creative and get your hands dirty. You can pull them apart, or wire them, and they find a way.


Check out these succulent starter kits here.

ND: Recently on this blog we featured Drift, eye-catching driftwood art created by your husband. Can you tell us where this project came from?

My husband has always made a variety of things he has found on the beach. He’s very creative, loves working with wood, and is a skilled carpenter. A true Plum Island lover, he knows every inch of the island. When I started to do shows and markets I would bring along some of his work to add some diversity and it always would sell. When it came time to tackle something new and expand Flora, Drift was the perfect answer.

driftwood art plum island

ND: On our blog, we love to support local people + places + things. Can you tell us your favorite local:

Artists : There are so many great things in the art community here in Newburyport. Casey Everett is so talented, love her botanical art. Ryan Kelley’s wire work and Alan Bull all first came to mind.

Place to find a gift for a friend: Ivy Lane of course! Not because I am a part of it, as I have been a customer since day 1. Great people, great finds and great prices. You can always find a treasure, good conversation or just get inspired.

Spot to explore outdoors: Plum Island never gets old, just never. We also like to go over to Maudslay and hike around.

Drivable day trip, and what you would do when you get there: Usually head into the city (Boston) for something different. Isabella Gardner Museum, food in the North End or take in a sox game.

Our last, and favorite question, what are you grateful for?

After my family & friends, to just be able to do it. I love what I do and am thankful to be allowed to be creative and contribute in my small way to my community.



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