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December 5, 2016

Today we are chatting with Marisa Laskey, a mother and the creative mind behind Little boo + co, a handmade clothing line.  As I type this blog post in sweatpants, I must admit idea of children’s loungewear was obviously exciting out the gate.  But perhaps my favorite part of Marisa’s designs are the bold fabrics that can be especially hard to find on little boy’s clothes.

ND: Who are you and what do you?
Marisa Laskey- I am a mother and have a handmade children’s clothing line

ND: What inspired you to start your own children’s clothing line?
My son, Nicholas ,is constantly going and moving, so he did not enjoy restrictive pants and tops. I wanted him to be able to move freely in his clothes, but still look cute, and was having a hard time finding items in stores that I liked for him. My mother in law taught me to sew, and I knew I could make something that I truly liked and he’d be comfortable in. Things fell into place from there.

little boo + co

ND: I love the prints on your sweatpants, how do you select the right fabric?
That’s the most fun but unnerving part! Searching and finding classic yet unique fabrics that are also breathable, comfortable, and soft is a fun part for me. I’m always a bit nervous that others wont love it as much as I do, but that’s part of the risk and part of the reward. I love seeing what people want their kids to wear and how they put outfits together.

little boo + co

ND: What does a typical day look like as you try to manage being a mom and creating your clothing?
A typical day is playing, cutting fabric, eating, sewing, napping, learning, emails, orders, sleeping, on repeat. Some days are busier than others as with any family, but its all been such a fun experience thus far. I’m lucky to be able to have something I can do while my son is running around and ‘helping.’

ND:I used to love all the clothing my mother and grandmother made for me when I was a kid.  If someone wanted to take a stab at making something simple for their own children, where would you recommend they start?
When I first started sewing my mother in law helped with me a pattern for a maxi skirt. It was simple but taught me to read patterns and I had such a good time doing it. I started by finding patterns online, printed them out and gave it a shot. I then started patterning my own things so I could get the fit I was really looking for. For a beginner I’d say do some research on Pinterest, find something simple that speaks to you and give it a try!

Little boo + co

ND: You live in Kennebunk,  which is such a beautiful coastal town, what are some of your favorite local places to explore with your family?
My entire family was born and raised in that area, specifically Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. My parents now live just outside, in Arundel, a quaint but growing little town that shares a post office with Kennebunkport. Growing up so close to the beach many things revolved around that, and still do. There are also so many great local places to eat down in lower village of  Kennebunkport and the surrounding areas, you literally just have to take a drive or walk and choose one! I love that there are also places to explore outside like the wildlife preserve that runs along several coastal towns, the numerous beaches, the shops. This area is very picturesque and I really couldn’t imagine growing up or living anywhere else.


Check out all of Marisa’s clothing on her website here. And don’t forget to enter our instagram giveaway @newburyportdaytripper and @little_boo_and_co!


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