Kittery Foreside Food Shop

December 7, 2015

On Sunday, we drove up 95 to visit my mother who lives in Kittery or, more specifically, what all the folks these days call, “Kittery Foreside.”  My Grammy used to simply call the area “down by the shipyard,” or “near Rice,” meaning Rice Public Library. But she was an old lady who drove a giant yellow Oldsmobile, so perhaps her lingo was a bit behind the times.

About a year ago someone told me that Kittery Foreside was the Brooklyn of Portsmouth. And while some people hate to hear it, hip is the word being used to describe this area.  A friend mentioned she near gagged when someone walked in to Lil’s coffee shop and ordered a “quoissant.” So it is true, the people showing up to Kittery Foreside are different than they used to be. And different isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it comes to all the fantastic food.  It is not just restaurants like Black Birch that attract people from away but also the speciality food shops and delis.

When my husband woke up on Sunday and said, “lets go to Golden Harvest,” a produce market and longstanding Kittery institution, I jumped out of bed.  On my mind was visiting MEat, the whole-animal butcher shop that sprung up in Wallingford Square almost two years ago.  Our last visit to MEat ended with a fantastic home cooked meal of roast pork.

At MEat we picked up some bone-in pork chops and ground beef.




Next we visited Golden Harvest and purchased most of our fruit and vegetables for the week.  If you don’t see what you are looking for on the shelves, just ask.  There is an assortment of not-so-common produce behind the scenes.  The staff at Golden Harvest is always knowledgeable and eager to help.



IMG_3297We then took a quick walk to Carl’s Meat Market for my favorite quiche.  I was tempted by their pate but decided to save it for another day.

IMG_3299We grabbed some sandwiches for lunch and fresh bread at Beach Pea Baking Co.


IMG_3303Had my wallet allowed, I would have picked up a pre-made lasagana at Terra Cotta Pasta.

So, if you want to look at beautiful food that inspires you to cook, visit any or all of the food shops the Foreside has to offer.

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