November 12, 2015

Welcome. It seems only fitting this blog would start on a Tuesday.  I’ve always found that a commitment to doing something Monday just makes Sunday less enjoyable.

So what is it I’m committing to exactly?

I would like this to be a place you can visit as frequently or infrequently as you like. To read informative, interesting and mostly brief tidbits about the coast of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.   Specifically from Plum Island to Pemaquid Point.  Mostly because Plum to Pemaquid sounded pretty and also because it is where I live and like to explore.

Above you can see an picture of a salt marsh not far from my childhood home in Maine. This image has been on every electronic device I have ever owned. Computer, cellphones, I pad. Wherever I may be, this photo is. Sometimes just seeing it is enough to calm me amidst the chaos of a busy day.

So find your happy place, visit it often and retrieve it from your memory bank when you are low.  And if you don’t have one yet, perhaps I can help you.

“In nature nothing exists alone”
-Rachel Carson, Silent Spring


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    This blog is such a joy to see, and the picture above brings back fond memories of the same peninsula 🙂
    Happy trails! you’re an inspiration Xx

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      Jess, what a lovely message. Hope it reminds you of home.

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