November 18, 2015


The Poynt in Newburyport recently added brunch to its line up.  This restaurant has been absolutely packed since it opened in September.  The exterior is eye-catching: a bright green door with picture perfect seasonal flowers.

This was my fourth visit to The Poynt.  My first experience was during the opening week, and I must admit I was underwhelmed. My hamburger arrived cold and the fries were soggy.  But I wrote this off as typical restaurant growing pains—the overall vibe of restaurant and the great service were enough to convince me to visit again.

Second Visit: A “Keep the Beet” vodka cocktail and the noodle bowl side. The service was excellent, and the noodle bowl was filling enough to work as a light meal.  Usually I’m not a fan of vegetables in my vodka, but this cocktail has made me change my tune.  The hint of ginger and lemon made it sweet, but not overwhelmingly so.  I may take this vodka and root vegetable thing and turn it into a winter hobby.

Third visit: A “Howlin Wolf” vodka cocktail and beignets served in a paper bag with chocolate dipping sauce.  YES, I went out on a Friday night and got vodka and donuts—hold the judgement.  The best part about the experience was that I could go out and drink vodka and eat donuts but feel civilized doing so. (SIDE NOTE: You can save money eating Little Debbie’s donuts and bumping off a bottle of kettle one at home.)

So that brings us to brunch. This time I was with my mother in law and children, so I had to order something respectable.  I opted for the mushroom fritatta, which was generous in portion and, if I had self control, would have made a great left over meal.


My husband went for the burger, and this time it was spot on.  He noted the fries were delicious and, since I’m convinced he spent a major portion of his life living solely on french fries, this is no small compliment.

My Mother in law had the Duck pizza. High praises.


And the wildlings had french toast.  The french toast portions were HUGE. Two small children could split an order easily.


My son spent the majority of the meal licking a slab of bacon and wearing the provided wiki sticks like glasses (big ups to this place for kid gifts).  Also, high points to the staff in the kitchen who demoed the wood grill pizza oven and waved to my children about a million times.  I get your job is to make food and not entertain my  kids, so thank you.

Finally, of course I had some vodka.  I went with the Bloody Mary which was low on acidic-tomato taste and high on vodka. I could have done with a little more pepper, but that is a personal preference thing.  Overall, it had vodka and didn’t give me heart burn, soo that is a brunch win.

The Poynt is busy for a reason: good service, good food, and great cocktails.

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