December 1, 2015

Blind Pig Provisions has an ideal location on Badger’s Island, tucked neatly between downtown Portsmouth and the up-and-coming Kittery Foreside. My party opted to sit somewhat outdoors on a cold November evening, beneath an enclosed awning with heat lamps. A friend of mine who proclaimed she “runs hot,” commented the temperature was perfect. To me it was slightly chilly, but once the vodka was flowing I was able to remove my hat and jacket. The view from the awning was fantastic: lights from the new Memorial Bridge and the iconic sign for Warren’s Lobster House.

The menu was versatile with plenty of small plates and more generous, traditional dinner portions. In the booze department, BPP offers an impressive on-tap beer selection and a handsome cocktail list. Since I wanted to try a bit of everything, I opted for a few small plates. And per usual I ordered a vodka drink with hints of ginger.


We started with the Foie on Toast. The crostini was toasted to perfection and the bacon-vidalia jam paired with blue cheese proved to be a delicious combination. With four servings this dish would suit a party of two, or I guess four people who each consume one crostini.  But I don’t tend to hang out with people who only eat one crostini in a sitting.


The brussels sprouts arrived and appeared to be spilling out of a Chinese take-out container. For a moment I hoped to find a stray chicken finger, but alas—it was all brussels. The portion was large and easily split by three or four people. The sprouts were flavored with garlic and parmesan cheese. Overall, very tasty.


The board, which was priced at $9, was smaller than I had hoped. But with such a low price tag I’m not sure why I expected more. The menu clearly stated tonight’s cheese, not tonight’s cheeseS, BUT I’m used to a board with a little more cheddar. I tried a pickled egg; Not my thing, but if you like snacking on an egg and having funny breath for the rest of your evening by all means try this board. Following that, I managed to eat all the provided lardo, and likely created enemies with my table mates in doing so.

The soup of the day acted as my main course. Truffle, kale, leeks and potato were blended into a smooth, yet slightly chunky soup. It was creamy in flavor and gave you that content, home-cooked feeling in your stomach. I could have gone for a giant piece of ciabatta bread with sea salt on the side, but with so many folks not eating gluten these days, the bread handouts seem few and far between.


We closed the meal with pumpkin beignets. The exterior of the mini donut was crispy and covered in sugar, and the doughy center graciously provided the pumpkin flavor necessary to disguise the pickle egg-scent that lingered on my back molars.

Overall, it was a pleasing meal at the Blind Pig Provisions on Badger’s Island. One could suggest BPP to a group of friends and be confident that each person would find a bit to eat and drink that fit both their budget and their taste buds. I’m looking forward to returning when I can visit the outdoor beer garden.


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