Lauren’s Kitchen and Cranberry-Infused Vodka

December 1, 2015

We are all in for a treat.  Today’s post is provided by Lauren, a fantastic woman with whom I have been friends for over twenty years.  She may or may not have had a vanity plate that said “LIQUOR” at one point in her life.  Below is her recipe for infusing vodka with a little holiday flair.  Keep your eyes peeled for drink recipes using this fantastic infusion in future posts.

This is a simple and delicious vodka infusion that is wonderful for gifts and also the base for a few different festive cocktails. I don’t follow any specific quantities which speaks to how easy this is to do, its very difficult to botch.


You will need:

Vodka (I prefer Titos or Ketel One)

Cranberries (I use around a bag of fresh cranberries per 750ml bottle of vodka)

Orange Peel (about a 3″ peel)

Rosemary (about one sprig/bottle)

Air tight jar (Mason or weck jar, washed out pasta sauce jar if you are a real hippie)



Wash your herbs and fruits. Peel the outermost bit of your orange. Make sure there is no pith (the white part of your orange) on your peel as it can make your infusion bitter. If your peels are tiny bits in doesn’t matter,you’ll strain the vodka before serving anyway.



Put your cranberries in a pan, sprinkle them with some sugar. Again, I don’t measure – just do a light sprinkle over the cranberries. Add a splash of water to the pan, heat it all over medium until the cranberries start to pop open and the sugar is dissolved. Let it cool for a minute.



Add the cranberries, sprig of rosemary and your orange peel to any air tight jar.



Pour vodka over top of it all until the jar is full.


You can let this sit out on the counter to infuse but generally I keep my infusions in the refrigerator. For a lighter infusion, taste test after a day. I let this combo sit for about three days. You could remove the rosemary after a day and let the rest sit for a less herbal taste. When it tastes the way you want it, strain over a cheese cloth covered funnel into a bottle.

Want to gift it?

World Market has great latched cork top bottles which are especially good if giving this vodka as a gift.

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