Elizabeth Brown Newburyport DaytripperElizabeth, Blog Founder

I grew up in York, Maine, and rarely wore shoes in the summer. As kids, we would pile into my mother’s station wagon and drive a few miles to the Harbor Beach—the locals’ beach—and swim until sundown. I learned to live like I was on vacation everyday. When I moved to Newburyport five years ago, it was no accident. This town embodies so much of what I love about my childhood: beautiful ocean, woods, and a sense of local community. I feel inspired by the places I see and people I meet.  I hope you enjoy reading about them. Have a local person, place or thing that deserves a plug? Email me at lizziearmitage@gmail.com.




Katelyn, Blog Contributor

Born and raised in central Massachusetts and currently calling NBPT home, Katelyn is a foodie, lover of day trips, obsessed with dogs, and the oldest of eight. Favorite things include an Aviation cocktail, Blake, home decor, and did I mention dogs?






Blythe, Blog Contributor

Blythe is the blog founder’s sister and grew up exploring the woods and beaches of Southern Maine. After a stint in the Big Apple, Blythe returned to Maine—this time to Portland—and after three years continues to be charmed by its people and perks. She is almost always on the hunt for a good book, a good adventure, or a good meal. When she finds one, she’ll give us the deets.





Lauren, Blog Contributor

Lauren grew up in New Hampshire, went to school in Boston and never left.  She’s a career driven gal who lives in Cambridge with her husband. On weekends she can be found day tripping to different spots all over New England.  With 6 Boston Marathon finishes between husband and wife, outdoor adventures are tops on Lauren’s to-do list.





The Tipsy Tourist aka Lauren, Blog Contributor

The Tipsy Tourist lives in Maine, but travels the globe with her family.  She is forever known as the party hostess who provides just the right drink, at just the right time. Lauren will reveal her favorite cocktails, from near and far, and provide you with the recipes to recreate them in your own home for guests.